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What is byDesign Living?

Our bodies are beautifully DESIGNED. To create the body and life we want, we must simply align our lifestyle with that DESIGN. The byDesign Lifestyle is a strategic approach to creating a better body and a better life.

Align Your Lifestyle With Your Design, And You Will Thrive!


About Us

Dr. Craig and April Burns

As health care providers we find that most people do not have a reliable "go to source" for health and lifestyle advice. Sure, you can get bits and pieces here and there. And yeah, misinformation is everywhere. So, where do you go to get a well-rounded, comprehensive approach to creating a stronger, healthier body?Dr Craig and April Burns

We couldn’t find one we liked - so we built one!

Guess you could call us “health geeks” because we are constantly developing new strategies for healthier living.

Over the last 15 years we have created one of the largest, most successful wellness clinics of its kind.

We believe that if something improves our quality of life… why not openly share what we know with others?

We are excited to share some really cool ideas with you!

We hope you enjoy this website, and will share what you learn with friends and family.

To maximizing your health and living by design,

Craig and April

Better Strategy. Better Body. Better Life.