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Are You Using A Clean, Healthy, Chemical-free Whey Protein Supplement Twice A Day?

This Is A Health And Fitness Strategy You Don’t Want To Ignore Or Get Wrong – Trust Us On This!


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Who Should Take a Protein Supplement? 

Quite frankly, everyone should!

Protein is the major source of building materials for muscles, hair, nails, skin and internal organs. With so much at stake, attention must be focused on sufficient intake of protein in our diets.

Why This Protein Supplement?

  • It’s concentrate, not isolate. This is the better, less processed form of whey protein (most are isolate versions)
  • From grass-fed cows, most are from grain fed cows (cheap and subpar)
  • Pesticide-free, hormone treatment-free, GMO-free
  • Micro-filtration technology used in processing to get all the extra junk and debris out
  • Doesn’t upset the tummy like most supplements do
  • Dried at cold temperatures, unlike other products whereby heat being used damages or kills the protein
  • Sweetened with Stevia, unlike most that contain sucralose, fructose or maltodextrin (yuck!)

Why Do We Need A Protein Supplement?

  • Proteins and amino acids are the body’s building blocks
  • The body is constantly repairing itself, and it can only do this efficiently with the presence of building blocks
  • The average diet does not contain enough proteins and amino acids (even if you eat meat every day!)
  • It promotes muscle strength, endurance, and recovery for improved fitness results
  • It boosts energy and supports the body’s optimal metabolic rate
  • It supports immune system function via immunoglobulins

We noticed a significant improvement in our physique and our fitness results when we started taking this protein supplement twice a day.

Don’t We Get Enough In Our Diet If We Eat Meat?

Rarely! Our bodies need more protein to properly function than we can actually consume through our food channels. Most people have no idea how much they actually consume. Typically most people just assume that they are getting enough… WRONG!!

Remember, proteins are the “building blocks of life”. Read that again! Said another way… To properly sustain life over time, we need proteins and amino acids!

The last thing you want is to slowly starve yourself of the correct amount of building blocks year after year. Most people are actually doing this and don’t even know it!!

How Much Protein Do I Need?

A good rule of thumb is 50-100% of your body weight in grams per day. Of course this can vary if your weight is abnormally low or high. It can also vary if you exercise on a regular basis – you will need to be closer to the higher range of that number.

What We Like & Where We Get It

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whey protein lifesource

“Why You Need A Protein Strategy” – byDesign Video Clip

What About The Junk Sold At Your Local Store!

Don’t be fooled by cheap protein powders sold in big box stores. If it is a low cost protein powder, you can safely assume that they use heat in their processing, or worse yet, use dead proteins!

“I routinely compare ingredients and supplement labels for patients and clients. It’s alarming to them when I start pointing out all the synthetic ingredients, fillers, preservatives, poor processing methods, etc. This option bypasses all that heart ache.” – Dr. Burns

  • This whey protein comes from grass fed cows that are disease-free, pesticide-free, chemical-free, hormone treatment-free and GMO-free.
  • The processing of these whey proteins is done at cold temperatures and in a way that doesn’t damage the fragile protein fragments or cultures.

What’s Wrong With Most Pasteurized Whey Protein Supplements?

Pasteurization not only kills the enzymes which are important complex proteins it also:

  • Alters the amino acids in the milk and destroys many, if not all of the important proteins.
  • Destroys the unsaturated fatty acids
  • Kills most if not all of the vitamins
  • Greatly reduces the availability of the minerals

So, after pasteurization the milk is for all intense purposes not only essentially dead but puts a strain on your body because your pancreas needs to produce lots of digestive enzymes to digest and absorb the dead milk!

Understanding how pasteurization affects the quality of the milk is incredibly important because the quality of the Whey protein powder, bars and drinks can only be as good as the milk its coming from. Dead processed milk can only produce dead processed whey protein and that’s not what you want to feed your body if you want to be healthy and excel in sports or life.

So, as you can see, perhaps the most important step in choosing a quality whey protein product is to make sure the milk used to produce the whey protein has not been pasteurized at high temperatures!

You wonder why so many whey protein products on the market are cheap? Maybe it is simply because they are processed cheaply and simply don’t work!

Why Must Your Whey Protein Come From Grass Fed Cows Only?

Grass-fed cattle produce whey protein that contains significant health benefits over corn fed beef & other conventional means of raising cattle.

Grass fed cows have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. These are the healthy fats found in salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts. Studies indicate these help prevent heart disease and bolster the immune system.

Grass fed cows also produce higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA’s) and vitamins A & E. Research indicates that these antioxidants and healthy acids help fight breast cancer, atherosclerosis, and type 2 diabetes.