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Stop Giving Kids Flintstones Vitamins?

The Shocking Truth About The Ingredients in Flintstones Vitamins

It’s amazing how many parents have no idea what’s really in Flintstones vitamins. Truth is, very people question the quality of the items they buy and consume. Maybe its because we get too busy? Maybe its because we were never taught or encouraged to question the integrity of mass marketing and media.

The Flintstones vitamin is one of the top selling multivitamins in the world. And yet, it contains several unhealthy, if not toxic, chemicals. Some of which include aspartame, aluminum, petroleum derived artificial colors, and several genetically modified organisms (GMOs)flintstones vitamin

Parents, do we have your attention now?

A quick closeup of the ingredients in Flintstones vitamins:


Aspartame is known to damage the brain at any dose. For this reason it is classified as a neurotoxin. Does that sound good for your child? It has also been linked to both lymphoma and leukemia. When ingested, aspartame converts into toxic methanol and formaldehyde – yes, formaldehyde (WTF?). How aspartame is allowed in so many food products by the FDA is beyond us. Something is very wrong with that! In short, check ALL food labels for aspartame. For these reasons and more, aspartame should NOT be part of a child’s daily vitamin!

HINT: Don’t buy cheap, inexpensive vitamins for kids (or yourself). Remember, you get what you pay for!


Sorbitol is a synthetic sugar substitute. It has been linked to various gastrointestinal disorders including irritable bowel syndrome. With GI disorders on the rise like never before, this ingredient is very bad for those little tummies. Stay away from it!

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

Anything marketed to parents and kids containing hydrogenated soybean oil is irresponsible. And, worse yet, its borderline malpractice when doctors endorse a product containing this ingredient. This ingredient is a semi-syntheic fatty acid that “sneaks into” body tissue. It has been linked to health problems like cancer, coronary artery disease, as well as liver disease… to name but a few. No thanks, none for me please!

Ferrous Fumarate

This ingredient is ridiculous, but it’s a great marketing strategy. It appeals to the parent that is worried about iron in their child’s diet. What about worrying about the warning on the Flintstones website concerning this ingredient. This is one of the reasons you need to keep it out of reach of children. Consuming iron naturally found in food is a non issue. But, consuming products with ferrous fumarate can be outright toxic and dangerous. BTW, ferrous fumarate has not been proven effective in helping iron levels. Don’t buy into the hype, and don’t put your child at risk!

Cupric Oxide

According to the European Union’s Dangerous Substance Drive, cupric oxide is classified as a dangerous substance. It has been listed as both harmful and dangerous to the environment. Does that get your attention? It is a chemical used as a pigment in the production of ceramic materials. It is also used in the production of rayon fabrics and dry cell batteries. Does that sound like something we should be adding to a children’s multi-vitamin?

HINT: Don’t buy vitamins for kids (or yourself) that are manufactured by any of the big pharmaceutical companies!

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Flintstones Is Owned By Bayer?

You know Bayer as the maker of aspirin and other medicines. The Bayer company does not have the best track record for safety, public interest, or quality ingredients. many of these ‘medicine maker’ companies are known for making lots of money. How do they do it? They buy cheap materials, create a cheap product, create a perceived need and benefit, pay for doctor endorsements, launch a multi-million dollar ad campaign, and then sell, sell, sell.

Said another way, this company is not concerned about quality or your child’s well-being. They are in it for the money! This is a company-customer relationship you should avoid at all costs.

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