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Top 5 Reasons to Eliminate Milk From Your Diet Forever!

Cow’s Milk is Designed For Cows – Not For Humans!

We were designed to consume human milk, and only as an infant. Just look at nature, do any other mammals continue to consume milk after infancy? If this isn’t reason enough to ditch the dairy now, we gathered 5 more reasons to put an end to dairy consumption for good.milk is bad

  1. It’s Toxic: Cows milk is often a toxic combination of harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones. Scary Stat: 55% of US antibiotics are fed to livestock!
  2. Insufficient calcium to magnesium ratio: While milk contains 3 times the amount of calcium as human milk, it lacks the magnesium needed to absorb it!
  3. Bacteria: Cows milk is allowed to have a certain level of blood, feces and puss in it. That’s just gross!
  4. It’s highly processed: Through pasteurization and homogenization all of the valuable vitamins, proteins and enzymes milk does contain are destroyed, making it very difficult to digest.
  5. It creates mucus: Casein the protein found in milk is a powerful histamine releasing allergen which tricks your body into creating mucus!

These are just the top 5 reasons, if you still aren’t convinced, we encourage you to continue learning more about the harmful effects that milk has on your health.

The Milk Money Myth

This is the profit driven myth you have been sold on since childhood. It suggests that you need to drink milk to get your vitamin D and calcium. That’s just BS! Milk is often  synthetically fortified with cheap vitamins. You are better off getting your nutrients from vegetables or whole food based supplement sources – not milk!


byDesign Lifestyle Challenge:

Over the next 30 days commit to reducing, if not eliminating, milk and other forms of dairy from your diet. Look for milk alternatives like almond, rice or hemp milk.  Our personal favorite is coconut milk! Incorporate living sources of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D into your diet, like green leafy vegetables and a daily dose of sunshine.