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Our Nutritional Shake and Coconut Milk Strategy

So many people either skip breakfast, eat an imbalanced breakfast, or buy horrible breakfast shakes filled with ‘hidden ingredients’ that are bad for them. This is so easy and healthy, especially when you add in the coconut milk that we recommend. Adopt this breakfast strategy and you will put yourself in the top .001% of people who actually know how to start their day right.

If you are doing shakes or smoothies of any kind, adding coconut milk is ideal. Why? Because it is a perfect MCT source (medium chain triglycerides). The MCT content in this type of coconut milk is top notch. It’s equivalent to high octane fuel for the human body.

As many health conscious people already know, good clean fat is the best source of energy. Compared to other milk alternatives, there is no better option!

And, best part is, it tastes awesome!!

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Juice Plus Shake (no unhealthy ingredients!)

Coconut milk (full fat version in Asian cooking section)

Water (clean and pure only)


Shake (as directed)

Coconut milk (approx. 4 ounces)

Water (approx. 8 ounces)

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Store excess coconut milk as directed in video
  • Thicken or thin by altering water volume
  • Breakfast requires a ‘complete shake’ with carbs, fiber, protein, etc. (protein only is no good)
  • This type of shake is also good for later in the day, before or after exercise, etc

This Is The ONLY Brand We Recommend.

Be Picky. Be Specific. Only Buy The Best!


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