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Just Copy Our Strategy!

First and foremost, we are “supplement snobs” – we admit it!

If you are going to buy supplements – only buy the best!

We believe that buying cheap supplements is both dangerous and a waste of money. We also believe most people are very confused about things like what to take, how much, why and when.

It is common knowledge that having the right supplement strategy can improve both quality and longevity of life. With that being said – only buy the best!

We get asked all the time: “what should I take”, “what do you take”, “is this really a good brand, or is there something better”, etc.

For this reason we wanted to create a very simple page with a list of our Top 3 supplements (links included). We listed them in order of importance to our health – and yours.

#1 Recommendation: Whole Food “Multivitamin Alternative” From Juice Plus – Get It Here

They also have great children’s options as well

Video & Post: Why We Recommend This, Click Here


#2 Recommendation: Liquid Vitamin D3 From LifeSource Vitamins – Get It Here

Get a special discount on your first order by using coupon code “bydesign” upon check out. You may need to select “Dr. Craig Burns, CO” if prompted.

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#3 Recommendation: Optimally Balanced Omega 3 from Nordic Naturals – Get It Here

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4-Simple Steps For Getting 15% Discount Online:

  1. Under Products and Ordering tab select Place an Order
  2. Select the blue tab Patients or Clients Referred by Practitioner
  3. Create your own account quick and easy
  4. Select what product you want

Or, Call Them Directly, And Use Our ID#

  • 1 800 662 2544

*** We prefer the ProOmega -D Xtra options (liquid is best)

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Most supplement consultations I do in the clinic reveal just how confused and misled people are about healthy supplement protocols. It’s true, we all need to be taking them, but making poor choices can actually do more harm than good. We have a knack for ‘doing it right’. Just do what April and I do every day for ourselves (the top 3 recommendations above) and your supplement strategy will immediately be better than 99.999% of people out here.