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Almond Milk May Not Be As Healthy As You Think!

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Although a popular dairy alternative, most almond milk brands you find in stores have a “dirty little secret”. And, in this case, it is a secret we want to know and share!

But, first…

  • Do you use almond milk for shakes, smoothies or other recipes?
  • Do you get an upset stomach or the typical gurgle after consuming almond milk?
  • Are you always looking for better food alternatives?
  • Do you like reading food labels for unhealthy, hidden ingredients?

If so, then this article is for you! (please remember to share this info)

Did You Know

Commercially produced almond milk typically contains a blend of harmful additives including fillers, thickeners and sweeteners.

Beware Of Carrageenan

Most commonly used in the food manufacturing business nowadays is carrageenan, which is a type of polysaccharide obtained from red algae. Carrageenan’s known side effects include digestive distress characterized by excessive gas, bloating, diarrhea and fatigue.

It acts as a thickener in many foods, such as yogurt, milk, candies, dips, spreads, ice cream, meats and even some organic products. However, no matter how natural or safe some people claim it to be, it has been linked to a host of digestive woes.

Carrageenan can be found in the majority of almond milk products, as well as other popular non-dairy alternatives.

We have noticed a pattern with our patients and clients. Those that frequently report gas, bloating, upset stomach, etc… are typically consuming foods with ingredients that do not agree with them. One of the most common offenders is carrageenan. 

almond milk ingredients

Long story short, carrageenan has a strong track record for contributing to inflammation of the digestive tract. As any health conscious person knows, inflammation is the root of all disease and discomfort. Therefore, reducing inflammation is the key to health and healing.

With that being said, we would be wise to avoid ingredients like carrageenan whenever possible.

An Aside, Avoid Sweetened Almond Milk

A variety of almond milk brands have been sweetened to make them more enticing to consumers. Some manufacturers use cane juice, while others utilize high fructose corn syrup. Meanwhile, sweetened low-calorie brands may contain toxic sugar substitutes like sucralose, aspartame, or acesulfame.

Do we really need any more sugar in our diet – especially in something we call a healthy alternative?

Look For Better Options…

If you notice bloating after drinking almond milk, consider switching brands. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods 365, and Westsoy make versions without carrageenan. Another carrageenan-free alternative is Silk Pure Almond (this version only – unsweetened option of course).

We actually don’t even recommend almond milk to our clients. We recommend a specific type of coconut milk instead. See related article below for more information.

Our diet program Transform 30 requires the elimination of ingredients like carrageenan. This prevents unnecessary GI discomfort, facilitates healing of the GI system and consequently everything dependent on this system, and ultimately promotes better results!

More Info On Carrageenan

You can read a review of the research published in 2001 here

This May Be Shocking, Maybe Not

The US Food and Drug administration was petitioned in 2008 to remove carrageenan as a food additive. The petition cited decades of publicly funded, peer-reviewed science on carrageenan-induced inflammation in animals and human cells. In June, the FDA responded with a letter of denial.

Why do they continue to let us down… rhetorical question, right?

Tell Your Friends With Babies

With as much information as there is connecting carrageenan to intestinal inflammation, why is it still a popular ingredient in infant formula? Think about all those little upset tummies that could be prevented by avoiding unhealthy ingredients like carrageenan. (tell your friends)

FYI, Europe has banned carrageenan in infant formula. What does that tell you?


Check your labels. Carrageenan is in so many foods. Now you now – spread the word!

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