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What is Transform 30?

Transform 30 is not a fad, scam or “crash diet” program. It is a sensible approach to progressively improving your diet and finally getting the results you desire.

We use Transform 30 as a tool to create dramatic, long lasting improvement in how the body looks, feels and functions.

Do you need help losing weight?

Feel like your body needs a “tune-up”?

Want to change your diet?

If so, you came to the right place. We can help you achieve those goals with Transform 30!

“We can show you how to use Transform 30 to achieve your wellness and weight loss goals – without compromising your health or budget. It’s what we do, and we’re really good at it! Ask us how we can help you.” -Dr. Burns


Discover How Transform 30 Can Dramatically Improve How Your Body Looks, Feels And Functions!

LIVE Seminar Format, Length: 60 minutes


Webinar Format, Length: 30 minutes


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Transform 30 Program Overview

Transform 30 (as we teach it) has a lot of flexibility to it. That's why people are so successful with it! The program by itself is awesome. But, we have made a few tweaks to it in an effort to squeeze out every once of benefit we can.

This is NOT a starvation or "fad" diet. This is NOT a nasty cleanse or detox program. IT'S WAY BETTER!

We use Transform 30 combined with other strategies to "tune-up" the diet, and recondition the metabolism. That is how you DO IT RIGHT!

But, not all at once or in a radical fashion! By chunking out 30 day increments we psychologically set ourselves up for success!

FYI, "chunking" is a key strategy to any successful diet or weight loss program.

Time Frame

We coach people to spread this process out over the course of 4 months:

Phase 1 | Month 1 :  The 'Get Going' Phase

In this phase we are simply getting used to the moving parts of the program. We are reducing bad food, while adding good food. We are learning how to habitually use nutritional technology to our advantage, i.e. the capsules and shakes. The metabolism and detoxification pathways are being engaged. Good things start happening.

Phase 2 | Month 2 & 3: The 'Fine Tuning' Phase

In this phase we are trying to perfect and fine tune the new habits and strategies. We are fine tuning recipes and eating schedules. We are working on making this easy and enjoyable. The metabolism and detoxification pathways are getting kicked into another gear. Good things keep happening.

Phase 3 | Month 4: The 'Lock It In' Phase

In this phase we are focused on locking in these new habits and strategies for lifelong benefit. Much of what we practiced in the last 3 months is becoming automatic and effortless. This is where the program transcends "dieting" and becomes a lifestyle. This is where it all comes together.

FYI, the problem with most diet programs is this... they fail to supply the body with the types and levels of nutrition it actually NEEDS to repair and rebuild the metabolism. Failure is inevitable. Transform 30 won't let that happen to you.

Key Elements

Nutritional Capsules by Juice Plus

Daily intake of Juice Plus capsules make the body nutrient rich, thus stimulating energy, detox, metabolic, and other biological pathways.

Nutritional Shakes by Juice Plus

Daily intake of a Juice Plus shake provides wide spectrum nutrition, again improving energy, detox and metabolic pathways.

Transform 30 Diet Guide

Transfrom 30 offers simple, set-by-step instruction on how to improve your food choices. We will assist you by providing additional instruction for maximized results via our VIP Facebook Group and Member's Area.

Burn 30 Fitness Guide

Burn 30 is a simple, but powerfully effective, guide to stimulating your metabolism to burn calories like you did when you were a kid. Being a Transform 30 client, you will get access to our 12-minute Burn 30 workout routines, as well as our Light The Fire cardio workouts. We call this the special sauce or the x-factor for maximizing your results.


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