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Stop Taking Centrum Multivitamins Right Now – Before It’s Too Late?

Discover Why You, And Anyone You Care About, Should Stop Taking Centrum Immediately!

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Titanium dioxide, polyethylene glycol, modified food starch, hydrogenated palm oil, modified corn starch (GMO), Red No 40 Lake, Blue No 2 Aluminum Lake, Yellow No. 6 Aluminum Lake… these are just a few of the “filler ingredients” in Centrum… OMG, why are these chemicals in something that is supposed to be healthy for you? Please, read on and share this article with EVERYONE you can.

NOTE: The following list of chemicals and ingredients can be found in most commercial multivitamins. Take notes, read your labels… and upgrade your multivitamin ASAP!

Carcinogenic Chemical Dyes In Centrum

Most chemical dyes added to multivitamins like Centrum have no nutritional value whatsoever. They are only there to appeal to our senses (visually). However, most dyes are carcinogenic, i.e. known to increase risk of cancer. Many people have subclinical sensitivities to dyes and don’t even know it, all while their headache, ADD or fibromyalgia symptoms continue to persist relentlessly without improvement.

NOTE: If your vitamin label contains things like Red No, Blue No, Yellow No… NOT GOOD!

With what we know about the ingredients in Centrum and Pfizer’s track record as a company – you couldn’t pay me to take Centrum! – Dr. Burns

Inorganic Filler Chemicals In Centrum

Fillers are commonly used in most commercial multivitamins to fill space and help hold the tablet or pill together. Now, here is something crazy…

Centrum is known to use inorganic chemical fillers in place of organic nutrients. Why? Because they are cheaper, easier to acquire, and easier to process in a plant. This manufacturing decision, quite frankly, helps create a much larger profit margin. This makes sense for the company and its board members, but does this make sense for your biology, physiology, and future well-being?

Here is a short list of Centrum fillers you want to avoid – especially in a multivitamin that you are supposed to consume daily! (Centrum or another version – check your labels for these)

Ferrous Gluconate: an inorganic iron that comes from rocks. This kind of iron additive causes the constipation people often experience related to cheap, crappy multivitamin intake. Ferrous Fumarate is the organic form of iron that is derived from plant sources, which is good for you.

Zinc Oxide: the inorganic form or zinc. Zinc is the organic element found in nature via healthy food sources. Zinc oxide is produced when metal zinc is heated to produce vapor. Zinc oxide is in paints, glue, glass, tires, plastics, flame retardants, etc.

Sodium Selenite: this is the inorganic form of selenium. As the inorganic form, it produces the opposing action of selenium. Organic selenium is an antioxidant. This filler is known as a pro-oxidative element, which is said to promote accelerated aging, tumors, birth defects, etc.

ANALOGY: organic versus inorganic elements… elements naturally found in nature versus elements created in a lab or from a manufacturing process. One is easily understood and utilized by the body, while the other is not.

Sodium Aluminum Silicate: this is said to be the chemical that speeds up the processing of the tablet. It is considered to be a “sneaky” term for aluminum. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and widely reported as a causative agent for Alzheimer’s.

Silicon Dioxide: this element keeps the ingredients from sticking together and helps form the shape of the tablet. This chemical has been proven to have adverse effects in animals. The organic and more “biology friendly” version known as silica comes from plant and food sources.

NOTE: If your vitamin label contains any of the above ingredients… NOT GOOD!

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There are numerous complaints and reports about weight gain, skin irritation, blood sugar imbalances, to name but a few, after taking Centrum.

How Can Centrum Get Away With This?

Keep in mind that this is a very big company with plenty of money and power. There are incredibly smart people running this company, and the primary objective is to make as much money as possible. Also keep in mind that the supplement industry has many flaws and loopholes. Our advice… stop buying commercialized multivitamins, and don’t let your family or friends keep doing it too! Share this article!

To Add To The Heap Of Confusion…

You should also be aware that there are many different forms of vitamins and minerals.  Some are better absorbed, some are better utilized, and some are the equivalent of flushing the vitamin straight into the toilet.  Vitamin B-12, for example, can come in cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin.  Methylcobalamin is much better utilized by the body, but most multivitamins only contain the cyano type.

We could go on and on about this topic. Instead, let’s just jump straight to the conclusion… whole food, plant-based supplements are like the anti-Centrum option. They are minimally processed. They are natural. They are easily absorbed and utilized. They are the only logical option for supplementing your diet! Now, there are good, better and best options here as well. So, choose wisely!

Our best recommendation is Juice Plus

Remember, buying cheap vitamins is a colossal mistake that can actually compromise your health in the long run!

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